Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nerf Dart Tag Stinger Duel Kit

Well that was quick. Reported to us by Nerf2me2 are the new Nerf Stinger blasters which are the new single shot blaster in the Dart Tag range and apparently are essentially reshelled Jolts; he's picked them up from his local Toys R Us in two different packs. 

The one detailed in the UK Argos catalogue is the 'Target Tag' kit which comes with a blue cased Stinger and a plastic target.

There's also a two player 'Dart Duel' pack which is similar to the 2 player Sharp Shot kit, coming with two blasters in red and green, six darts (with unique coloured tips matching the blasters), protective eyewear (with matching colour lenses) and the velcro jersey smocks.

The blasters themselves come with two dart holder holes on top which is a slight improvement on the Jolt, and they do look pretty cool, though Nerf2me2 suggests it's essentially just a glorified Jolt. Which, if you like the Jolt, will be just fine:)

Thanks Dustin for the heads up!


  1. Thanks for the cross-review. One thing I will say tho, I played with a "laser yellow and blazing orange" Stinger at the Toy Fair. These had their own color tips also. I'm wondering if they plan to release a "Stinger Clue Elimination" pack of 5. Similar to the "Clue Elimination" pack.

  2. Thanks for the info. FYI though, the phrase you were looking for in the last sentence of the article is "intents and purposes".

    And yes, they are just Jolts with an extra shell over the top, as shown by UK Nerf

  3. Did you call it the "Shart Shot" on purpose? Or was it a crack on how bad the ranges are on that thing.

  4. I got the impression from this review that you didn't open the stingers, because these are not essentially jolts, they are literally jolts with plastic pieces added to it kind of like the yellow shells on all of the dart tag blasters.

    1. Hi, It wasn't meant to be a review: I don't have them myself and was just reporting from the info given to me by Nerf2Me2 and what I could see from the pics.

      I once got into a mad flame war over suggesting the Element EX-3 was the same as a Nitefinder (I still think they kinda are!) with various readers arguing the semantics of "literally" and "essentially" and "exactly" and in the end I just don't know:P

      Also- I wouldn't have opened them up anyway, you know us!