Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike: just a few things..

Sure enough, I picked up the US spec'd N-Strike Elite Firestrike and it's significantly more powerful than our domestic detuned grey trigger units. It's all in the spring so modders won't really care, but whereas the grey trigger model feels even at times weaker than a traditional Nitefinder, the orange trigger unit packs some significant punch; very cool.

A few other things I just wanted to say about the Firestrike. Firstly- brought to my attention from our friends at My Last Dart, the rumoured N-Strike Elite 'Incinerator' is just the Firestrike lost in translation:)

Secondly, I noticed the Firestrike is completely void of any digital camo etching as with many of the other Elite blasters. Wonder why?

Thirdly- I don't think it's just me, but the Firestrike's plastic looks to be slightly different to other Elite blasters and somewhat shinier. It's also therefore looking darker and almost purple; I can't depict it accurately in photos, but for those of you who have one already, you'll know what I mean. There's rumours the Elite Rayven is a darker blue/purple, but I haven't really found that to be the case in real life, but the Firestrike definitely looks different.

That's all:D


  1. Hm, since they come out of the same manufacturing plant maybe there is an inconsistency in quality than specific territory toy safety laws? ie. Toy blaster power limits?

    Would like to know more on this now..!

  2. I feel like the Firestrike's grip is much more comfortable with the slits in the back of the handle as well.

  3. Mylast Dart, all the Australian version (grey trigger) Elite blasters have a weaker spring and get less range than the orange trigger version.

  4. The plastic is similar on the Triad EX-3

  5. I just picked one up at BigW Strathpine [Northern BrisVegas] for $9.95! ...nice, but just wish the grip was a tad bigger.

  6. yeah, the plastic does seem to be a slight purple, and this is the only one that is like that.

  7. Huh- it does look purple.
    Wonder if they can do a whole blaster in that color....
    Also, can someone do a comparison test between the Strikefire and the Firestrike?