Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rumours: Elite Alpha Trooper? Nahhh..

It was spotted on Chinese site Baidu and we've received several emails regarding it: it's touted as a "pre production release Elite Alpha Trooper" and while the idea is appealing, I'm just not convinced. I normally like to just post this info and leave the readers to decide, but for the want of NOT looking like a gullible idiot..

From this image, you can see it's brandishing the original 'N-Strike' logo- something that we now know doesn't occur on Elite blasters (The Jolt and Reflex are featuring repaints, but aren't presented as Elite gear).

The orange on the rear of the blaster looks like it's been painted over a darker colour- grey perhaps?:)

It's still called an "Alpha Trooper CS-18". Other than the Rayven (which is still pretty recent in release, as opposed to the AT which has been around for 2 years) you'll notice every other Elite version has been renamed.

I do love the idea of my all time fav blaster being released in Elite colours and performance; I just don't think this is it. Thanks for all the emails regarding it though- everyone loves a good rumour:)


  1. they should have made a raider alpha trooper hybrid and been done with that. I dislike the front grip on the alpha trooper but dislike the side magwell on the raider.

  2. I agree, the grip was always my only real complaint on the AT(besides limited availability)

    Here's to hoping if they ever do make an Elite AT (and they should!) it has a pistol grip for priming!

    1. If they change the grip it won't be a true alpha trooper. I'm not sure I'd like that because then it would essentially be a raider and that would not be good!

  3. That Baidu also has images of the plunger. It is in fact a direct plunger and seems as if a rampage plunger was fitted into the new alpha trooper shell. Very little has been done to change the rest of the internals.