Saturday, June 30, 2012

Foam From Above: Nerf N-Strike Elite - info lowdown:

Well, if Urban Taggers is the blog that's in the naughty corner, Foam from Above is the dux of the school when it comes to Nerf:) They're very much the source of all things official and so it stands that the info provided below is all from the horse's mouth and pretty much legit. 

Everything you wanted to know about the Elite series:
  • N-Strike Elite is going to become the standard of the N-Strike line. That means the new streamlines, the Elite branding, all of it is here to stay. The original streamlines and N-Strike brand as we know it are going to be replaced by N-Strike Elite.
  • N-Strike Elite is going to revisit previous N-Strike blasters and release Elite versions of them. CALM DOWN. Without going into specifics, not all blasters are going to get Elite ranges. More recent releases than what came out when N-Strike first appeared are more likely to become Elite.
  • I CAN'T TELL YOU WHICH BLASTERS ARE GETTING THE ELITE TREATMENT. The key phrase here is, "In the realm of possibility." But a Longshot is NOT (I repeat, NOT) one of them.
  • The Nerf Firevision might have something for blaster fans :) That's about all I can say until Toy Fair 2013.
  • Elite is Elite, Dart Tag is Dart Tag, Vortex is Vortex. They like to keep the brands separated so I wouldn't hold my breath for Dart Tag Elite and so on.
  • They aren't done with Dart Tag yet! Just the NDTL had been around long enough, and it was time to move on for them. Dart Tag blasters are still going to be rolled out, but it's up to the fans to run their own. From what I've heard, Australia's doing a bang-up job of that:)
  • N-Force isn't over with, they're still going to support that. Just nothing new yet (understandable, with the N-Strike Elite and new Vortex blasters)
  • Clearly, the Nerf Vortex line is going to be supported still.
  • One Direction was NOT at the party :*(
  • No oversized Vortex disc shooter anytime soon :(
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Darts will be the standard in the future. Micros and Sonic darts are going to be phased out, in order to make things easier for people. Elite darts will fit better in most blasters currently released. Dart Tag darts and Nerf Vortex discs will obviously still be available, as the lines are still supported.
  • SOME international markets (Australia, mainland China, Philippines, etc.) will have a range-reduced version due to the toy safety regulations of their governing bodies. This means the blasters will achieve somewhere around advertised 50-55', down from the 75' that everyone else gets.
  • Speaking of ranges, around a 35 degree angle is what the advertised ranges we see for darts, while Vortex is fired at 10-15 degrees to determine their range.

Foam From Above: Forever at Play: Nerf N-Strike Elite - info lowdown:


  1. so stock up on ordinary N-strike blasters now, you'll be able to sell 'em as antiques 20 years from now...

    Nice to finally know the testing angles.

  2. I still call BS on the reduced ranges in Aus/China/Philip I think it was just a PR bunder that has gone really wrong.

    I bet we will ge the same blasters.

    But if we don't i hope the only difference is some thing that easy to replace or mod. Spring would be most likely.

    BUt yer Hasbros North American/Australian/International PR is all diferent and its all confused as this site has proven.. I bet the advertising branch just released thous 2 videos and converted ft to meters wrongly... or they simply angled the more powerful ones and did flat for the weaker ones simply to get "under" a special rule" with out actualy changing the power at all.

    I bet its all just PR and Legal Strangeness and the blassers are really just the same.. but lets wait n see.

    Its fun to think that we will get blasters that will replace the longshot very soon. 2006 was a long time ago.

  3. So does this mean we should stock up on the darts currently on sale?

  4. I am really interested to see how they'll combine firevision and nerf blasters ^_^ Just think of how easy it'll be to police your foam or scavenge when the darts glow! (In a non fading way, unlike firefly tech)