Friday, June 15, 2012

Showcase: Vortex Pyragon-

Vortex Pyragon. Images from
It's no secret that the most anticipated blaster of 2012 for us at UT headquarters is the Nerf Vortex Pyragon. We just LOVE that colour scheme of white, orange, black and grey (for obvious reasons) and the orange XLR discs are just an added bonus. Ultimately.. it's another Praxis, but with slamfire and that big 40 round drum.. drooooool.. Anyway its on the Hasbro site.. so we thought we'd just.. gush about it some more;D

Vortex Pyragon. Images from
Product Description: Shock your targets with an unstoppable swarm of rapid-fire discs! With a huge 40-disc capacity and slam fire technology that gives you total control over your rate of fire, the PYRAGON blaster is the ultimate blaster for an all-out assault! Load up and blast your way to victory with the ultimate high-capacity disc blaster! 

40-disc rapid SLAM FIRE
Blast your targets with an overwhelming rapid-fire flood of long-range discs! The PYRAGON blaster features an innovative 40-disc drum that ensures you’ll have enough ammo to see almost any mission through to the end. Plus, the SLAM FIRE Handle gives you total control over your rate of fire – aim and blast one disc at a time for precision placement, or hold the trigger down and slide the handle repeatedly to unleash an unstoppable swarm of discs. You can also equip your other magazine-fed VORTEX blasters with the drum for high-capacity blasting! 

Unleash a storm of discs
VORTEX disc blasters are the cutting edge in long-range, high-powered technology. Revolutionary XLR Disc Tech hurls ultra-distance discs for the ultimate battle experience. Do you have what it takes to handle the VORTEX blasters? And now you can add high capacity to your VORTEX arsenal with the PYRAGON blaster and its 40-disc drum. This SLAM FIRE blaster lets you unleash a rapid-fire flood of discs on your target. Or you can equip your other magazine-fed VORTEX blasters (sold separately) with the high-capacity drum. 

Do you have what it takes? 
The PYRAGON blaster features 40-disc rapid SLAM FIRE action. Load up 40 discs in the drum, then attach it to the blaster. To activate SLAM FIRE, just hold down the trigger, and slide the SLAM FIRE Handle repeatedly to unleash a nonstop stream of discs. The 40-disc drum also works with any magazine-fed VORTEX blaster (other blasters sold separately). The PYRAGON blaster also includes 40 bright-orange discs. 

Includes: PYRAGON blaster, 40-disc drum magazine, 40 bright-orange discs and instructions. 

• Slide SLAM FIRE Handle repeatedly while holding down the trigger to unleash a storm of discs. 
• 40-disc drum magazine works with any magazine-fed VORTEX blaster (other blasters sold separately).
 • Upgrade with any Tactical Rail accessory (sold separately). • Fires 40 high-visibility, bright-orange discs.

Vortex Pyragon. Images from


  1. Assuming from how they positioned the front handle in the first picture, maye they noticed the design would look an edge better if the front barrel went all the way to the end of the rail that sticks out.

    Just saying.

  2. I like how they're advertising the discs as "high-visibility" and "bright-orange". Seems like they're listening to the complaints about how hard it is to find XLR discs after you've shot 'em. ;0)

    1. Esspecially in the grass fields :P

  3. Any idea on when said blaster will be released?

  4. The drum mag would be much nicer with the Nitron...

    Did anyone else find all the 40- disc stuff a BIT repetitive?

  5. Yay!!! It DOES have slam-fire. Now I'm swapping The Retaliator for this!

  6. I hope this gets released soon!
    (orange dosent look as good as red would though..)

  7. Have you ever considered adding a chat to your blog? I think it might be a good idea.

  8. well, everyone has their preference, i like the orange better for outdoors, but i still like the green, but the lumitron will always have the best ones. i wonder of you could make the orange ones light up too...

  9. it's sooooo ugly!

  10. Uses the same clip curculation Technology as the Hail-Fire cant wait for the release

  11. Pretty cool, worth getting if you have extra money at the store just for kicks.

  12. I read here that it won't be out til August or atleast preorders.