Saturday, June 9, 2012

Koosh Galaxy: Thoughts?

We first heard of the upcoming Koosh Galaxy range earlier this year and it's pretty obvious I am NOT the target market for these made-for-kids ball blasters. From what I can see, all but one of them ( the 'Space Agent ball launcher') are sans trigger which seems to be the way to go when making blasters for wee tacker. 

The hand grips are also made for small hands, and I'm doubting they'll be sporting mad crazy distances but I'm still curious. Are any of you? Or is this going TOO far into delving into the kids realm of things (eg like playing with Duplo!)


  1. Well, looks like Nerf's bringing back the ball blasters

  2. sorry but looks lame.

    1. What? It's for little kids.
      Don't know how but the guy who posted the Pyragon+Rampage+Retaliator videos has the Koosh stuff too!
      He's basically got every nerf blaster!

  3. Disappointed. The old Koosh blasters proformed well and were really comfortable in the hand.

  4. I kind of like them but I'm not a little kid. I can't we have those old ball blasters like the ballzooka and the motorized ballzooka?

  5. i wonder ,if the bow and arrow type blaster is a direct plunger ,in which case ,it would probably be modded to a really powerful "grown up" blaster;