Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pinpoint Sight Giveaway: Word for July

The much coveted Pinpoint Sight is now on offer every month till the end of the year! As we stated in the contest rules,  we'll be giving away one of these much coveted Nerf Pinpoint sights away EVERY month to the lucky reader who provides us with the coolest photo or video of someone they know, who would not traditionally be considered a toy gun fan actively using an identifiable Nerf/Airzone/Buzzbee/Maxforce/X-Shot etc blaster.  

We also will be providing you a word to incorporate in your submissions each month to keep things fresh and interesting. Sooo.. the word for the month of July is:


Interpret it how you will,whether it be literal or not; as long as you can justify that your image/video somehow has the word represented, you're in the running!

This comp is open worldwide, so anyone can enter!

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