Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random: Fireworks Lightshow in my room.. errr..

When is a blaster NOT a blaster? Pump action with light and sounds- choose your mode and fire... err.. Fireworks. Seriously?

Novel idea though I dunno whether it actually IS lame or it's just the really bad ad (and how 'realistic' is that girl's oompa loompa tan?!)


  1. spray tans on preteens is kinda creepy:)

  2. Seems like it'd be kinda nifty...for about five minutes. Then it'll get put away and never touched again until the batteries leak and ruin it with corrosion and it gets chucked in the trash. Then in 20 years the five or so that weren't thrown away will be rare collector's items worth a crapload of money.

  3. Sooooo... It's about as interesting as a tv fireplace?