Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baidu/UK Nerf- More Elite goodness

Brought to our attention by Nerffan, and spotted originally on Baidu and then UK Nerf are some N-Strike Elite pics. You can see up the top there's a Firestrike, but with a GREY trigger- however below is another Firestrike with the blue pinpoint sight. You can also see up top the size difference between the Jolt and the Triad- so all of those who were saying "No, the Triad IS the Elite Jolt"- well you can see it's kinda bigger..


  1. firestrike + pinpoint sight...? Overkill much?

  2. elite is either repainted guns, the rampage is just the raider cs-35 to me, but most of them are new, like strong arm, hail fire,