Friday, November 23, 2012

YouTube: N-Strike Elite Jolt range tests

YouTube channel "RandomShadow09" has a comparison video of the original N-Strike Jolt and the upcoming N-Strike Elite version. Check out the vid after the jump:)


  1. So. We've got a boot gun, a (bonus) larger boot gun, an EX pistol, an entry-level sidearm, a semi-automatic revolver, a reconfigurable assault rifle, a slam-fire carbine, and a suppression-fire top-carry that should have been automatic. With a pump-action shotgun, a bullpup semi-auto PDW with tracers, and a clip-fed semi-automatic pistol on the way, this looks like a more-than-complete Elite lineup. Impressive. Except for one thing... We don't have a proper Longshot sucessor yet. Fingers crossed - and I hope it's not just a direct-plunger LongStrike... ;D

    1. I do hope the longshot sucessor shares its shell with the long strike or looks cooler, because come on the longstrik looks way cooler and more sniper rifle like. Although seeing as every elite gun hits 75 feet this gun would have to shoot farther to actually be a sniper rifle compared to its elite bretheren... 150FEET.

  2. I always prime it after I load it. Does it make a difference?