Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nerf Nation: Officially.. Finally!

You have to wonder if whether the increasing amount of news available on the upcoming line has forced Nerf's arm a lil' into releasing this info NOW, or whether they were always planning on it, but Nerf themselves officially released info on the new Strongarm and Firestrike blasters today on their Facebook page, with upcoming details coming out next week.

"Nation, today we are officially revealing two new N-Strike Elite blasters that will be hitting shelves in 2013 (please note: availability and launch timing will vary by country/state/city): the N-Strike Elite Strongarm blaster and the N-Strike Elite Firestrike blaster! The Strongarm blaster features a six dart revolving barrel and both rapid-fire and single shot capability, while the Firestrike blaster has a red light targeting beam built for precision. BOTH blasters will feature cool N-Strike Elite styling and long-distance performance. More details to come on additional Elite blasters headed to stores in 2013, so check back here next week!"

Nerf Nation via Facebook

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