Wednesday, November 28, 2012

N-Strike Elite Rayven Box Art

Spotted on German site "" was a boot load of upcoming Nerf gear- much of which we've covered but I thought this was something cool- box art for the upcoming Elite version of the Rayven-CS-18- updated colours for the blaster and clip.

I find Nerf's product strategy a tad... confusing. While the Retaliator was essentially the Elite version of the Recon CS-6, and the Rampage was the Elite Raider, here we've got an Elite version of the Rayven... called the Rayven, AND featuring essentially the same box art imagery only with the Elite branding layer over it. I assume the original N-Strike Rayven will be replaced by this, as if it's not, I'll guarantee toy stores are going to get very confused very quickly. Given it's an Elite Rayven, I'd assume it'll have a similar spec to the Stryfe.

In any case, I do like the Elite colour palette so bring it on!


  1. This is beyond awesome. The Rayven is a big favorite of mine but I still never really got into it's original color scheme. Blue is my favorite and the Elite stuff has really looked sharp. It looks great on the Rayven!

  2. I hope they accidentally mix up the prices so we can get it cheaper :D

  3. That's awesome, but the weird part is that it still has the CS-18. And look, it now says CS-18 on the blaster as well, which wasn't on the original Rayven.

    You know what's even weirder, though. The same site has this:
    The new blue Jolt's packaging. All in Elite colours, but still labelled as old N-Strike...

  4. As much as I like the Rayven, i think just one is enough. So I'll likely be skipping this one and just getting the Stryfe instead.