Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rumours: Triad with grey trigger

The N-Strike Elite grey triggers are featured on Nerf gear destined for Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Brazil and China. China I hear you say? Well spotted on Baidu is the upcoming Triad EX-3, but unlike the previous photos, this one's got the grey trigger...


  1. Guess the Triad is true..

    Still not getting it. Ranges will probably be on par with the original Jolt.

    1. I dunno, the handle on the blaster is big enough for a decent direct plunger. Maybe it'll come with, maybe not, but I'm pretty sure Nerf would make the triad have good ranges.

  2. It's gotta be the production model. The trigger guard reminds me if the hypersight line.

  3. Nerfhub has a photo of the Firestrike, new Jolt and Triad next to each other (along with Nite Finder, Clue Jolt and Element) so you can see the relative sizes. The Triad grip appears to be longer and slightly larger in diameter. If it's a single shot blaster there will be a lot more air behind the dart than the Jolt produces so performance should be better.