Monday, November 26, 2012

Reddit: N-Strike Elite Stryfe makes it to the shelves

Images courtesy of Reddit user Brstieren
Word has it on Reddit that the N-Strike Elite Stryfe has already been spotted on shelves in a Toys R Us in Minnesota (similarly the eBay dude selling his Stryfe is from MN too) - even if it was an accident, that does suggest the Stryfe is comin' real soon:D One of the contributors 'Brstieren' posted some photos of with different attachments. More pics after the jump.

Stryfe spotted in Burnsville MN via Reddit


  1. I need a couple of these to dual-wield, since they're the only holsterable clip system blasters that can be dual-wielded.

  2. Just me, or do's the stalk look to be off at a angle?

  3. Minnesota represent! This looks like awesomeness. Can't wait to find one.