Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arts + Crafts: Warhammer Lanard Shell Shock X-6

UK props designer "The Model + Props Guy" Does some seriously insane work; he was responsible for the wooden Big Daddy blaster/Barricade RV-10 mod we listed below, and now we're gobsmacked by his Warhammer take on the Lanard Shell Shock X-6. Check out the site below, or more images of this beast of a mod after the jump.

The Model and Props Guy


  1. lovely any chance you would make any to sell?

  2. He does sell them here:

    Quite pricey, but given the amount of work that goes into it, it's justified.

  3. As a Warhammer nut I literally shouted holy shit 30 seconds ago when I saw this article. I can't believe I'm tempted to pick one up...