Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tactical Tag: Phoenix LTX Combo Mount

Ooooh. Mount up!
The Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX has always been a huge favourite with us at Urban Taggers however due to their relatively limited release (or non existent release in Australia) there just weren't enough accessories for them; there were hints for future customisation with an accessory rail (similar to tactical rails on Nerf blasters)that unfortunately just went begging.

For many Lazer Tag fans, the one thing lacking with the Phoenix LTX's was the ability to mount a stock; Laser Tag affectionatos in Taiwan came up with a way that was very cool but it blocked the flashing recoil hammer (which some would say is a good thing).  That being said, Kevin Ericon did say:

"I find it easier to intergrate MP5 stock, not as cool but you can always add tactical rail on top, and it too opens up a WHOLE LOT of ways to enhance it."

Soooo.. Custom Tag Dynamics (CYTDYNE) have come up with this attachment system that allows for a scope and stock to the blaster without requiring any modification to the actual Phoenix LTX unit itself. This is VERY cool; I just hope they become available to buy:) Check out the link below to Tactical Tag to learn more.

Tactical Tag: CTDYNE: LTX Combo Mount:

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  1. Thats freakin AWESOME, sign me up for a couple! BB