Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vapor Atlas 250: Razor rocks the squishy ballz

Popular kick scooter manufacturer Razor have turned their efforts towards the popular toy blaster market and are to be releasing their new "Vapor" line of projectile weapons very soon (though yet to have word of Australian availability) . These blasters appear to fire similar ammunition to the X-Ploderz line of blaster in the squishy "water balls"  and appears to be similar to that often found in flower displays and table decorations at weddings; difference being the balls come ready for firing rather than requiring you to "grow" them as with the X-Ploderz. The other massive advantage to the X-Ploderz line is these Vapor blasters come with a trigger; me thinks Razor are definitely fingers on the pulse on that one:)

For now there seems to only be an Atlas 250 model which boasts 50 rounds with "no reload". The blaster itself looks decent and hopefully would be decently built coming from the Razor stable. That being said, a toy blaster and a kick scooter is kinda chalk and cheese so it's hard to know if the designers of either toy even talk to one another:)

Our friends from Foam from Above have gotten their hands on one, so do check their blog out for further info. Otherwise check the official Vapor Blaster Facebook page if you're interested.

Vapor official site
Vapor Blaster via Facebook
Razor steps into the ring - their new toy blaster, the Vapor Atlas 250! via Foam From Above


  1. this sucks. soon half of the market will be ruled by nerf, and the rest of the market will be crowded with other offbrands.

  2. hmm looks like there going for the small ball method of projectiles last time i checked those type of items are banned in Australia due to they can be modified to fire ball bearings to easily there was a few of those gun designs about 10 years ago and they were banned due to being unsafe

  3. This is pointless, I completely agree with whoever commented first!

  4. Well, I'd rather get this than another Xploderz... at least THIS has a working trigger. and it looks good.

  5. xploderz sucks but this is better then that in so many ways