Friday, September 30, 2011

Whiteout Deploy CS-6 spotted (Big W)

The Whiteout series of blasters are our favourite colour schemes and the Deploy just looks so darn pretty in white grey and orange. We got our hands on one several months ago, but they've finally made it to Australian shores and just to prove it, I picked up another from Big W, Woden (ACT). Was around 28 bucks but the upcoming sale will have them for a tad cheaper, along with the Whiteout Maverick and Nitefinder pieces. (Still no sign of the Longstrike though) 

A few more pics of the box art after the jump, and a few older pics of the actual blaster to jog your memory:)


  1. I've seen these a lot at my walmart. but after seeing these pictures I want one again. the box just doesn't give it justice. Portal

  2. hey portal Nerflover here you are soo right