Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tactical Tag: More on the LTX Combo Mount

We touched on this last week regarding the custom attachment rig seen on laser tag blog Tactical Tag for the Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX's developed by laser tag affectionatos Custom Tag Dynamics. As much as we love it and were very keen to get our hands on some kit, alas the cost to mass produce these is pretty damn exi given they pretty much have to buy full Airsoft rifles first and cull them for parts. If Airsoft was even remotely available in Australia I have no doubt I could commission someone very clever Down Under to do it for us, but alas it ain't.  That being said, I don't think it's an issue ordering stocks or sights though, so these kits could very much make it to Australia IF there was enough demand.
It's SUCH a good idea and definitely gives the Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX blaster a whole new dimension, but one of the biggest issues is the Phoenix LTX was never officially released here, thus meaning any Australian who has a set would have had to have imported them. It's hard enough for Australia to get on manufacturer/distributor's radars let alone for a product that was never actually sold in stores here. 

Still.. I'm going to attempt to drum up support here not just on behalf of us Aussies but for anyone with a Lazer Tag love; if you've got the Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX blasters, let us know and show the folks at Custom Tag Dynamics that it's worth making more of these. We for one would pick up several rigs easily:)

More info on this kit on the link below. If anything, it's great eye candy:)

Tactical Tag: More on the LTX Combo Mount:


  1. I have some LTX's they are the bomb! lets get these stocks rockin!!! BB

  2. We ordered 2 sets of the original Phoenix LTXs with the shotgun attachments and still use them when friends come around. They're awesome. I'd definitely get these stocks.