Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Super Soakers.. SCORE.

Old school Constant Pressure System (CPS) Super Soakers are a precious find; if you can find one in decent condition you'll be able to pretty much outclass any current water blaster available in stores today. The thing is, finding them is never easy and tends to cost a mint- eBay sellers do tend to be opportunists which can mean jacking the price up to in the hundreds and beyond, not to mention the ridiculously high shipping charges that go with it for international postage. It's a fair amount to pay for a blaster that you KNOW has been scuffed, wet and thrown around in the sun.

So you can imagine my amazement when I spotted an ad in the local paper for some "vintage toys still in boxes' and found these two pieces.. just as advertised- NIB. The boxes were a little crumpled, and there were a few scuff marks on the blasters as well as a fair amount of dust, but they were still unopened and never been used.  The lady used to own a toy store many years ago and these were just some units that ended up never selling and collecting dust in her spare room.

Behold a 2001 Super Soaker Monster complete with the quick filling attachment for the hose, and a 2002 Super Soaker CPS 2100. The best part? Both units together for a grand total of 30 BUCKS.  Reviews to come, but I unpackaged them and tested them out and they're operational and the real deal:)

Sometimes in life, you just get really, really LUCKY and this was one of those times:)


  1. great find. pocket. can't wait for the review. portal

  2. you deserve it, you're always paying to much for guns :D

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    Thanks :)

  4. Holy crud! That is simply freakin' awesome! I can't wait to see the reviews!