Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rumours: Bumblebee Barricade RV10 in the works?

Much like the Optimus Prime painted Barricade RV-10, it appears a new yellow version has been spotted, maintaining the traditional yellow and orange N-Strike colours but adding Autobot graphics- this time it looks like a Bumblebee theme (although I PERSONALLY think the character looks more like a Gen1 Cliff Jumper..)

It's interesting that it's another Barricade and personally it's not grabbing me, BUT.... what I DO think is cool is it offers a whole new variety of aesthetic mod; the "urban canvas" style as seen on  phone covers,sneakers and skateboard decks. As a budding toon artist myself, there's a lot of "hmmmmm's" going on in my mind right about now for possibilities.... :)


  1. What we need is a friggin Megatron or Soundwave. Enough autobots.