Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Air Cannon: Toilet Paper Bazooka

Neil brought this to my attention; 'My Air Cannons' is a website that sells the instructional guides to building some incredible do-it-yourself blasters. From shooting popcorn, marshmallows, water balloons and my personal fav- toilet paper, this site seems to just take home made blasters to a whole new level:) Check it out- it'll make you laugh in any case:)



  1. unfortunately, the legalities of these in australia is pretty unclear, which by extension means you can't get an entire cannon through customs. however, getting parts in is considerably easier since air cannons are just a couple of valves and pressure rated pipe when it all boils down...

  2. Check with your state laws.
    A few of them that I'm aware of, have a clause about spudgun-like devices.

    Victoria: Very sure that it's not okay. Brought one to the cop shop, a decade ago, to see what they think of it.

  3. Depending on the barrel size, and what they shoot, that they actually fall in to the same category as RPGs and grenade launchers as far as firearm laws are concerned. Though, technically you can own one legally, but you'd have to hold that category of firearm licence, have it built and serial numbered by a gunsmith, but you'd never be allowed to fire it nor have the ammunition for it.

    Of course, there's people that build full on air and combustion cannons that get away with it, because they're not silly and cause trouble/harm with it.

  4. This thing is only a novalty and good for short term amusement. After you fired it a few times, you will realise you have run out of toilet paper rolls and wasted them. Not to mention kids will most probably be grounded by their parents for the rest of the month XD

  5. This bazooka would not hurt anyone when the bullet is the toilet paper but this is lethal when you laugh too much could cause heart attack.