Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tactical Tag: Amped Nitron

From Tactical Tag: feeling like your new Nerf Vortex Nitron is lacking a bit of oomph? Need a bit more.. lead in your pencil? :P Try upping the juice...

Tactical Tag: Amped Nitron:


  1. doesn't look like the fire rate increased much, dang

  2. Not much of a RoF increase, but it definitely helped with the speed of the disks. I'm still prefer the Praxis though.

  3. honestly I think these blasters are cool (I still need the nitron), but I would still stick with my quick 16 when doing HvZ or any nerf war outside. they just fly off course too easily, but about 30-40 feet they are ok. after that the accuracy is pretty off, and anyone could easily dodge the discs because of how slow they are gliding when they get 45+ feet. I should have some video reviews up next week on my blog.