Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tactical Tag: Next Lazer Tag System!

Laser Tag Phoenix LTX concept from 2008..can someone say VORTEX?:P Courtesy of Tactical Tag
Laser Tag really struggles to make it in the home consumer market, especially in Australia. We were pretty damn pumped for Wow Wee's Light Strike- it's a great attempt at a laser tag system and has lots of very cool features but the big problem is support. Light Strike obviously didn't do as well on the shelves of Australian toy stores as we would have liked (not without trying-as many of you know, we promoted the hell out of it) and I haven't seen stores replenish their stock, leaving just a scattering of blaster attachments and mini targets sitting on the shelves that will probably not sell without blasters to go with them.

Ubi Soft's Battle Tag showed promise but pretty much died before it even began and never even made it to Australian shores, leaving laser tag fans not a whole lot to cheer about.

Sooo, it's good to learn today from laser tag blog Tactical Tag that the rumours of a revitalised Lazer Tag line from Shoot the Moon (the original designers of the Lazer Tag line including the Phoenix LTX's we're always going on about) are true- we're looking at a new line that will stick with the "dome on the blaster" style sensor, be backwards compatible with the Phoenix LTX and LTTO lines and hopefully be something pretty damn spesh.  Quoting one of the developers:

"We are constantly developing new models, and while the market hasn't been solid enough to introduce a lot recently, we see it as picking up in the near future. Because of that we have a new model in the works that I think everyone will be amazed at. And it will be fully backwards-compatible with LTTO and LTX, something that is non-negotiable from our standpoint for all models."

I'm really optimistic about this; we LOVE our Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX's so fingers crossed they actually ship to Australia this time around.

Tactical Tag: Next Lazer Tag System!:


  1. I too am somewhat disappointed that Light Strike didn't pick up and was never even restocked. I was perfectly prepared to set money aside and claim (at least) one of the pistols once the sale had died down, but I'm still waiting for that re-stock I know won't come for months, and I doubt my criteria for the purchase of an assault striker and attachments (knowing more than 2 other people willing to game, and assault strikers in stock) will ever be met.

  2. This is sort of exciting news...!

  3. THE PHOENIX will rise from the laser tag ashes again........ BB