Wednesday, June 19, 2013

AwesomeNerfer1999: Elite Spectre lives!

AwesomeNerfer1999 has been lucky enough to pick up a Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre REV-5; This gives me a happy because I've always been a big fan of the Spectre. At the time it was considered by some as a lower capacity, weak imitation of a Maverick, but we did a whole up close n' personal review of it back in 2010 where with more play we found it to have its own quirks and personality that made it actually our sidearm of choice. The rumours as you can see true that it's been given the Elite treatment and while I personally welcome this update, I can't help but think it's going to struggle with its place in the new Nerf world order; we always thought the Strongarm was the lovechild of the Maverick and the Spectre, so for the Spectre to live on? I dunno how that works.

STILL.. it's more than a paint job (which I might add I love) as the Spectre's reporting hot lil' Elite performances (yay!) and some subtle shell design changes. Of course, there's the attachments which was always a major drawcard to the Spectre in the first place- now in matching Elite colours. Of course there's still the whole "wtf is Nerf doing with its naming process"- this new Elite blaster maintains the identical name of its N-Strike predecessor but with Elite ranges whereas the Barrel Break IX-2 also keeps the existing name.. but is still considered to be a N-Strike blaster but with Elite colours. Confusing much?

More pics after the jump, or just go to AwesomeNerfer1999's post on it:)


  1. Yep, the Strongarm doesn't get to be my favorite Nerf Handgun for much longer. The Spectre was my favorite of the classics, and it will doubtlessly be my favorite of the Elite.
    And I never understood why people said the Spectre was underpowered compared to the Maverick. My Spectre always destroyed Mavericks in terms of power, while also being quieter, more reliable, and better looking.

  2. I have always loved the look of the spectre "suppresser" attachment; just love the look of it. I'm so happy they are bringing it back

  3. I love how the stipe deco continues from the primer all the way to the extended barrel


  4. The image of the box art is soooo diferent of the product inside the box... but I love it:) Is not just a re-paint, the plastic is different, the distances between details are longer in the box that in the product.

    Greetings from Mexico:)

  5. the only thing remained the same is the flimsy stock...

  6. OMG, I hope he will be released in France :3

  7. I'll definitely pick one up, but I honestly like the previous color scheme better. The two-tone silencer is what's killing it for me. I liked the solid yellow on the original. The dual upper and lower white stripes on the main gun itself also just seem a bit too "busy." Would have preferred one or the other, but not both.

    Oh well ... shut-up and take my money!

  8. What an honor to get my content shared by UT! Thanks for sharing! :D

    By the way,here's my unboxing and Test Fire of the Elite Spectre. Uploading the review now.



    ~AwesomeNerfer1999 :)

  9. I've read that this is an asian exclusive.. i hope that is not the case...

    1. its not only Asian exclusive

  10. I don't know why anyone would want this, the strongarm and hammershot are cheaper and better as pistols, also the attachments are practically useless. I would never give up my strongarm for an elite spectre.


    Elite Spectre Review!

    It'll come in a more in depth,write up form soon.

  12. I'm honestly much more excited about the hammershot than the spectre. Sure, the spectre was better than the maverick due to the turn from priming rather than trigger. However, since the strongarm and the hammershot has that ability, it would make no difference. Another thing is that the hammershot is capable of priming one handed which is a first for Nerf making it the ideal sidearm in my collection. Will most likely put these pistols like Edward Kenway in AC4

    If your going for the attachments though, no rebuttals here. Those things are great. :)

  13. i was going to get a strongarm, but now i just want this!