Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baidu: Nerf Rebelle box art surfaces

You know what seems to be synonymous with cool these days? Bows. Bows are the new black.  So many current pop culture trends feature them- The Hunger Games. The Avengers. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Game of Thrones. Revolution. Arrow. The Walking Dead.  Crysis 3.  Chewbacca... (Ok Chewbacca isn't that current per se.. but he's pretty timeless and who doesn't think Chewbacca is da ma.. wookie.)

In any case, there's something about a bow, be it a long bow or crossbow that gets us all excited.  Well, Nerf's upcoming Rebelle line embraces this in spades and they're bringing out a few. Here, courtesy of Baidu is a first look at the box art of the new "Guardian Crossbow"- a six round shooter that Buffy would be proud of:) Look how happy the box art model looks. She's lovin' the fact she's got a bow. More so than any N-Strike/N-Strike Elite/Vortex box art model. No grim black skivvy'd emo teen boys here.

Bow's are cool. :)


  1. Hmmm... not sure whether I like it or not! Looks tough BUT IT'S PINK!!!! and I guess it performs quite well but it's not very Nerfy is it?

  2. *Bow ties are cool

    But bows are cool too. :P

    1. *Fezzes are cool.

      But seriously, I will buy one and stuff a panther in it immediately.

  3. But, but its pink...

    Won't buy.

  4. on the color scheme: some of you guys gotta grow up a bit.

    besides its nothing a trip to the local hardware store wont fix. missing out on a whole branch of blasters over the color is just wrong.

    myself? im waiting for the rebelle revolver over the zombie strike one. they just look sleeker and cleaner.

  5. so what if its pink but i think these guns are more of a fashion craze then actual dart gun line.
    it is nice for girls to have there own line of blasters.
    but that's my opinion