Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random: A trip to some Los Angeles toy stores

The rejigged Jolts- Toys R Us prices are somewhat.. high..
I'm currently in Los Angeles for other affairs but figured I'd pop into a few toy stores and see what stuff was available here that I hadn't really seen back at home in Australia. I'm sure for all of you American readers you may think "so what?" but I've just posted a few pics after the jump for our readers down under who might find it interesting:) More pics after the jump:)

Nerf electronics..
Firefly clips for both N-Strike and Vortex
More Nerf electronics
Diatron's readily available
Banana clips for Super Soaker
Just some air zone and buzz bee classics
An Airzone double barrel
Kinda like a hunter but not?

And for some more random stuff..

Monsters University slingshot
Spiderman wrist crossbow?
More melee goodness
THAT Skylander blaster
Some weird dart gun that shoots expandable floating darts?

SUpa Splats..


  1. Yep, as a Los Angeleno that selection does look familiar. Alas, TRU prices are indeed high, but they've got the stuff that's difficult or impossible to find (hooray for exclusives :/) anywhere else. Hit the right sale (I believe the current promotion right now is Buy One Get One 40% off), and one can get the prices to almost normal.

    I'm surprised to see that many Buzz Bees (as opposed to Air Zones) in a TRU (I'm guessing the Tek 5 shot is from a Wal-Mart or Target); usually there'll be one or two stray models--a Double Shot here, a Surge there--but if it's available as a recolored Air Zone, it's usually on the shelves as an Air Zone.

  2. Wait, you Angelenos still have Dart Tag?

    1. Yep, pretty much all at TRU, though I've seen some older (Quick 16, orange-trigger Swarmfire era) stuff languishing at one of the few K-Marts still open around here.

      It'd be interesting to see what shelves look like in other countries (or even other parts of the US, if they're different enough).