Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rumours: New look Retaliator stock suggests.. what? - Baidu

This was spotted on Baidu and it's opened up the rumour mill to all sorts of speculation as to WHAT this could mean. Sure, it's basically a Retaliator stock, but it's translucent which makes it less likely to be a fan repaint (which is always the first thing cynical nerfers cry). So, what do you think? A new elite series reshell in the works? A whole new blaster? A whole new blaster line?


  1. This looks like a Elite Clear series. This could be a recolor count down to the flagships, like what they did with Gear Up, Clear, and Sonic.

  2. I think it's probably just a re she'll of the original three elite blasters, but I HOPE it is the rise of all the current attachments and then some sold separately!!!!

  3. The translucent blue suggests Super Soaker.

    1. That could very well be what this is. they could have just used the retal stock mold and put it on another super soaker

  4. I believe it will be another "clear the way" series like a clear retaliator, clear rampage, etc...that will be released RIGHT before a huge release on 9.9.13! If this is real, I can't wait!

  5. might be a clear retaliator, possibly a clear elite line

  6. Maybe its like the clear the way campaign that Nerf has had in past years...

    If so, this could be released in the coming month or two!

    Plus, this would lead up to a brand new blaster, (maybe the Rapidstrike, but that has been released somewhat already...) which would need to top the others.

    Also, it may be for the MEGA series release...

    If a new blaster came out, it may be battery opperated as seen in past 9-9 releases. Also, there have been rumors of a shotgun-like clip gun, so bringing these two together...

    A double Rayven/Stryfe!

    Unlikely but that's just speculations!

    If this is so, hopefully not flywheel because I hate those xD

    Speculations anyone else?


  7. I in a ways hope it's not a clip fed shotgun, that would render the work I've been putting into a twinlinked Alpha Trooper excessive :)Would be cool to have that available in stores though it would render the Rough Cut obsolete.

  8. I'd love a translucent Strongarm, and rough cut...and well the whole elite series.