Tuesday, June 4, 2013

GI-Joe Snake Eyes Ninja Chucks

It's pretty well known I've always been wanting Nerf to bring out N-Force nunchuks, and for all intended purposes.. this is it. They announced these 'Snake Eyes Ninja Chucks"  almost a year ago as a tie-in to the new-but-delayed GI-Joe film  and while here in L.A I finally picked myself up a pair for funsies. Made of soft foam as found on Nerf's N-Force gear, and featuring the "from the makers of Nerf" badges, this is the closest I'm gonna get to a pair of foam nunchuks:) More pics after the jump.

The nunchuks come on a cardboard backing; featuring all the standard guff and backstory about GI Joe- though Snake Eyes himself is holding a katana so it doesn't really fit:) But hey, I don't care, they're FOAM NUNCHUKS. As with all N-Force related gear, there's not much I can really say about them, so.. yeah.. look at the pics:D

These are first and foremost a kids toy, so they're made accordingly for little hands. I have little hands and even I found them a lil small to hold on to so they're probably less likely to appeal to the grown up crossover market. Still, I liked the look of them, and they feel nice in hand. They're also very light, and use the same foam as many of the N-Force sword products so the few times I smacked myself in the head caused minimal discomfort:D Quality is good,  and what you'd expect from Nerf.

They two 'sticks' are connected by a nylon string rather than a chain which makes spinning them really easy. I'm interested to see the durability over time of these as I'm already seeing slight wear over the holes where the string rubs during a spin, but they're pretty cheap so I guess that's to be expected.

Given they're so small, it's not easy to do any mad tricks with them over the shoulder with more grown up, larger upper arms, but they're more for fun and roleplay more than anything else. For under 10 bucks I'm a fan:)


  1. I hope to God that nerf makes n force elite, but it should be more tactical instead of medieval. They should make a tactical knife, ballistic knife, a bunch of throwing knives that come on a sling so you can reach to your shoulder and just whip them out, and a full body plastic but foam edged riot shield. They should make other cool stuff too.

    1. Is a bayonet too much to ask for now?

    2. I got someone who makes 3D printed nerf accessories to make me a clip for the dagger that comes with the stonewall shield to turn it into a bayonet for my Stampede.


      It is pretty much the best thing ever :)

    3. Kyle, I vote for nerf tonfa!