Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wolverine Claw: Snikkkt with safety, bub

Something rather novel I stumbled across while over here in the U.S is a pair of foam Wolverine claws:) They're Hasbro, and also "from the makers of Nerf" so basically they're N-Force foam roleplay fun, but for under 10 bucks I had to pick up a pair:) Although melee games are becoming more and more popular these days, I probably can't see them having much of a practical use other than impromptu living room role play, but hey.. that's good enough for me! More pics after the jump.

Simple concept of slipping them into your palm thru your fingers. Not the most comfortable things I admit and even though they're aimed at kids I can't seem them fitting easily but still- they look kinda cool:) The silver plain around the finger joins have already started to wear off so durability isn't probably the best as far as aesthetics is concerned.

It's soft-ish foam and while u probably can still cause injury if you carve at someone's eyeballs, it's relatively safe stuff and kinda fun! For funsies why the hell not pick up a pair- if his doesn't make you wanna hunch over and talk in a gruff voice for the next 5 minutes, I dunno what else will:P


  1. wait so 10 bucks for only one claw?

  2. Apparently so, says each claw sold separately on the box. That Sux, if that ever turned up around here, I guarantee you'd find one box and never see a second to make a pair. They should have just packaged a pair of claws together so that parents like me don't have to hunt down a second box for their kids.