Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rumours: Baidu shows a 25 round drum colour variance

I dunno if this is news or not, but spotted on Baidu- to the right is the 25 round drum that comes with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage. To the left- a different colour. Unfinished paint job, or cues for a new blaster/reshell?


  1. There have been rumours of a new drum shotgun but I don't know if I buy that... thoughts anyone else?

    1. Drum shotty is most likely wishful thinking, unless they either double the mags (one to a side) or do some insanely complicated mechanical stuff so it loads a dart into each respective barrel on a single slide action. However, I and many other players would be willing to deal with jams if the payoff was a fully contained shotty with a large capacity.

      That aside, I really hope this is a separately sold Elite clip. I'm really getting ticked off that I can't use my 35-dart or 18-dart drums on my Stryfe, and buying the Rampage just for the mag isn't worth it.

    2. I was going to 3D print a new shell and throw in two sets of Retal or EAT internals to make essentially a clipped shotgun, which would have the clips angled to take drums.

      If you heard 'drum shotgun' not 'clipped shotgun' it might be a Roughcut with a revolving built in clip (like the Revonix 360) not a drum like the ones above.

      I hope it's true, that'd save me a lot of work, but the Roughcut's only new (non-existent here in Australia as yet) so replacing it so soon seems a bit daft on Hasbro's part.

  2. The grey one is from the sonic ice rampage, look at your pictures of the sonic ice rampage and you will see