Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rant: It's Nerf or Nothing?

Airzone Quickload. Shoots anywhere but straight.

When it comes to foam dart blasters, I only ever buy Nerf. I made the mistake a few months ago by trying to give Airzone a chance (a Toys R Us brand I think made in licence from Buzz Bee or Lanard or something) and was pretty disappointed with the results. $39.95 AUS for a blaster that was as powerful and accurate as a beanbag.

When it came to water guns, I was happy to give Buzz Bee a chance given the Water Warriors line was from the original Super Soaker guys at Larami in the first place. And their guns are pretty good to be honest. 

However, when it comes to the foam dart blaster market, I just don't like the feel of the other manufacturers. The guns feel cheap and come in gawdy ugly colour schemes. They LOOK like carnival/show style toys which doesn't impress me at all. The Airzone gun was my first, and last deviation from Nerf and is in the "tub of shame" for toys that don't live up to their expectations.. but can't be returned because they have crap packaging. While I think the Buzz Bee blasters are creative and innovative.. they just fail to impress me.

What I like about Nerf guns is they're well made, they feel solid in the hand, and they perform well out of the box. I like they way they look, and I like the way they've taken the brand to cult status. I had a "Nerf Man" when I was a very small child (although mine was orange with a blue cape) and have always had an fondness of Nerf. I like their sporting equipment too and picked up their basketball hoops and footballs when discounted.
Nerf Man. He actually flew too:)
Each to their own I guess, but when it comes to foam dart blasters, as the tag line goes- "It's Nerf or Nothing" :)


  1. You've been buying the wrong Buzz Bee Guns and Lanards. Ever heard of the tripel shot? BANG QuadShot - Easy ranges.

    Ever heard of the big blast or mega missile, BANG singled dart gun, big ranges. You just need to look for the right one :).

  2. dude, before you get a difrent brand than nerf look at the nerf or nothing blog, Jerm nows his blasters.

  3. Ahh, Cool. I'm down with Jerm, If I opt to expand my horizons I'll be sure to ask him!

  4. Buzz Bee is actually not that bad. Sure, their guns are butt-ugly, but their guns (or at least the ones I've used) work quite well. My brother's Tommy 20 beats out our Recon and Raider, and shoots fast, far and accurately. I love it. My neighbor's Double Shot gets pretty good ranges and accuracy as well. I hope buzzbee comes out with some more guns soon.

  5. the buzz bee double shot, the western rifle, the hunter looked pretty good, airzone is complete crap. buzz bee needs a better paint job, and nerf is the best. i really only buy nerf guns

  6. air zone isnt nesecarily bad, ever heard of the power strike 48, that thing pwns stampedes users easily.

  7. Beanbags are pretty powerful (live 'n learn) and they're kinda hard to miss if you have a big one.
    'Nuff said.