Monday, July 5, 2010

Review: Nerf Elimination Set

Nerf Eliminators. Nerf addiction starts soo small..
These little fellas were what started me off on my foam dart gun journey. I ordered them from an online e-tailer which came in a pack of four tiny single shot guns (which on the forums seem to be merely called "Eliminators") and brought them into the office one morning; the pack actually comes with game instructions which were loosely based around the old university game "Assassin".

What was SUPPOSED to be a stealthy crafty game of cat and mouse ended up being thrown out the window and we were left with a four way shoot out (the good, the bad, the ugly and.. the boss) that escalated to all out foam dart madness. Not bad for 40 bucks:)

Eliminators are very basic but surprisingly accurate single shot foam dart guns. The pack comes with four pistols and a packet of whistler micro darts.
Nerf Eliminators. N-Strike they're not..
The guns themselves are pretty simple to use (lending themselves to be used by anyone in the office- the finance guy, the cleaner, the 58 year old woman with the cardigan on her shoulders) and other than the primer/cock on the top of the gun, there's not much else to them. The butt of the gun can be extended out slightly by a cm or so for those with larger hands, and has a small hole to store a spare dart.

Other than that it's simply sliding your dart into the barrel, cocking back the top rear of the gun, and letting a round off into the back of your colleague's head.

For what they are, Eliminators are great fun, but we used them regularly, several times a day, over several months and the wear and tear did get to them; I pretty much only keep them now for nostalgia purposes as powerful and accurate they are not:(

Usability: 8/10
Out of the box performance: 6.5/10
Cool factor: 6/10
Price point: 7/10


  1. You know, these our in all essence the same thing as the Reflex IX-1.

  2. Agent,

    True. However my understanding is these were out before the Reflex IX-1's. In any case, I ended up with a pack of these first and replaced them with the Reflex's:)

  3. i got mine for $20 in china =)

  4. These are like the first dart tag set right? My friend has one of these and it still works fine. I have two reflexes and I think it would be awesome to get one of these sets.