Friday, July 23, 2010

Preview: What is Foam Strike?

Foamstrike. Takes "air pressure" to a whole new level. Nice hat.

Had this sent to me; I've never heard of "Foam Strike" before, but there's something about this blowpipe that I find kinda appealing:) I've made a statement that I only buy Nerf, but I was intrigued by another foam dart player on the market so I did some Googling...

Crossbow X2. It DOES look kinda cool..
Foam Strike, it appears is a line from what seems like an independent toy company called "Monkey Business Sports" The line seems to be based around pretty simple projectile stuff- crossbows, slingshots and.. blow pipes.
FoamStrike Sharpshooter. Looks like it uses sucker darts..
Anyway, as always they don't seem to have any Australian presence and I can't get any facts on how good they are, so happy for any feedback from anyone?


  1. looks pretty cool and by the way where did you get the alpha trooper?

  2. Hi,

    I get my stuff mostly from contacts in the US and HK. Alpha Trooper especially was from the US. for more info:)

  3. buzzbee blow blaster is awesome!

  4. Attach the dart blower sight to a nerf gun for an iron sight

  5. you can find these guns at amazon :)