Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Nerf Dart Tag Furyfire

Nerf Dart Tag Furyfire. Colour scheme courtesy of the 80s
Nerf's current Dart Tag gun is the Furyfire; a beefed up 10 round barrel tagger that gets its cues from the N-Strike Maverick. Dart Tag guns come in different colour schemes to the N-Strike line and the Furyfire is no different; comes in a very sexy fluoro green or orange paint job, depending on whether you pick them up individually or in the original two player set(in which case you get both)

The Furyfire is a lightweight tagger that supports the Dart Tag velcro tipped darts. The two player set comes with two taggers (an orange and an green), two very swanky velcro vests (which normally the idea of wearing a target on your back/chest seems odd, in the case of Dart Tag it's the thing to do), protective eyewear that does somewhat resemble an Oakley Eye Jacket rip off(alas I have fat head so they don't fit) and a pack of velcro darts. The Furyfire comes with the tactical rails found on N-Strike guns so you can fit them out with the add ons like sights and scopes..but given it's a dart tag gun.. you probably wouldn't bother!

The gun itself is very easy to use. There's no mechanism for the barrel to slide out like with the maverick- it's simply load your foam darts in the revolving barrel along the sides of the gun. Once you're barrel is full, you simply pump your gun back along the neck of the Furyfire and you're ready to go. Distance is pretty decent and considerably accurate; but given the darts are velcro tipped it's not advised to go for any contact with bare skin (or head!) because from personal experience.. it hurts! (shoot your girlfriend in the head at your peril.. I copped an earful for ages!)

A two player set is actually quite expensive given the fact they're not THAT different to the Maverick, with the cheapest going for $79.95 AUS up to over a hundred dollars. I haven't found anyone in Australia that sells the guns individually, but on ebay they're around $39.95 US.

Usability: 8/10
Out of the box performance: 8/10
Cool factor: 6/10
Price point: 4/10


  1. Will we ever get these in Aus?

  2. They've been available for some time now; seen them at Myer, Toys R Us, Toyworld. Also available at and several other e-tailers.

  3. will we have nerf comps like they have in america here in australia?

  4. Can anybody who has modded these help me? I know what I'm doing but for the life of me I cant get the turret to rotate with the shells together, but its fine in two pieces.

  5. can this gun handle regular nerf bullets not just dart bullets

    1. yes, i've tried whistler ones but i doubt it would work with any others

  6. is anyone their?! i asked that question above 2 months ago!