Friday, July 16, 2010

Review: Nerf N-Strike Titan ASV-1

Nerf N-Strike Titan ASV-1. MEGA Missile...
The Nerf N-Strike Titan ASV-1 is a bit of a "WTF is that for?" and in Australia it currently only comes in the Unity Power System pack, along with the Hornet AS-6 and the Scout IX-2 blasters. It is a pretty gutsy bazooka/launcher type unit that uses air pressure and uses it's own type of ammunition, a big foam "mega" missile. And you only get one in the pack, so use it WISELY! (It also came in a Incredible Hulk green colour scheme and was called the "Hulk Abomination Blaster but this kit didn't include the Scout IX3)

The Unity System Box in which the Titan comes in. LARGE!
Just how the crazy lil kid on the box demonstrates, the Titan is a shoulder mounted weapon and while it LOOKS awkward to use, it is surprisingly quite comfortable and lightweight and can still be fired accurately with one hand. As part of the Unity Power System, the Titan is the hub of everything as it's the Titan that can fire all six of the Hornet's foam darts at once or one of the Scout's bullets if attached. MEGA!

I gotta admit though.. it's kinda dumb and major overkill in an enclosed apartment setting. Because the mega missile "glides" through the air, the "cool" shock factor of being hit by it is almost as intense as being hit with a balloon. Given you only have one missile, once you've dispersed it you're pretty much left with nothing- and unlike a real bazooka, your rocket cannot dispose of multiple enemies (ie three people sitting on the couch). You're also more likely to hit a wall or light fitting than your target. (UPDATE- it's quite effective shooting UPSTAIRS FROM the couch,as I recently found after copping one in the head from the girl)

I got it mainly because I'm a collector of Nerf toys and I wanted the IX-3. But on it's own, it's not effective in indoor surroundings.

Usability: 7/10
Out of the box performance: 7/10
Cool factor: 6/10
Price point: 6/10 (with the Unity Power System)


  1. so i am getting a set of unity soon, but i don't really think is that bad, is accurate at least... but i think u r right :)

  2. your girl shot you with a nerf bazooka?
    dude your girl is awesome, like the best

  3. You talk about it like it sucks. I love it. It murders at close range. Of course, my friends and I use it like it really explodes. Same with the ballistic balls.:P

  4. I wish this weapon system had more than 1 rocket to use for nerf wars.