Friday, July 2, 2010

Review: Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6

Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6. Yeee Haww!
Nerf released the Maverick a few years ago and it's still considered the most recognised, and probably the most popular foam dart gun used in office cubicle 'wars' today.It's main selling point is the fact that it is a revolving barrel 6 shooter, which other than it being fantastic for emptying foam darts in quick succession at your adjacent cubicle mate, is just high on the "that's cool" factor. It's distinctive styling resembles something out of a video game while also being easy to stick into the top drawer of your desk.

They're pretty cheap (under $20 AUS, and I've seen them for $10 during sale time)and come in the traditional yellow and orange "N-Strike" colours or the somewhat rare clear series. No difference between the two in performance; just aesthetics really.
Maverick REV-6 in packaging. Speed!
The Maverick comes with six foam sucker darts (although you can find packs that come with bonus darts in some stores)and while officially the dart gun is supposed to be able to shoot all of Nerf's foam dart range (streamline clip darts, velcro dart tag darts, whistler darts and the sucker darts) I find you're best off sticking with the suction cap ones; besides it makes for more fun having them shoot past your colleague's shoulder and stick to his or her 19" flatscreen monitor!

The guns CAN be opened up and modified to be more powerful if you are so inclined (which, m'fraid I am not), but in a short distance dart fight I find they're more than powerful enough out of the box. They're also relatively simple to cock and shoot so less experienced players (like our Executive Assistant or the Branch Manager) will still feel comfortable using them.

The Maverick comes with "tactical rails"- grooves on top of the gun that allow you to fit the gun with other N-Strike accessories such as the Pinpoint sight or the Tactical scope. To be honest none of these accessories do a whole lot for accuracy of the gun but are just fun to attach to make your Maverick look cooler. It's again a matter of personal opinion.

The Maverick is a great sidearm and is fantastic for it's size and for the price. The price factor is important here, because the gun is unfortunately prone to wear and tear, and I've gone through a few over the years with overuse as after a while the barrel stops aligning itself properly and darts get stuck. It's at this point where you find yourself a practically minded type who can crack it open and fix it for you (and probably modify the hell out of it so you can take out a small rodent)

Usability: 8/10
Out of the box performance: 8/10
Cool factor: 7/10
Price point: 9/10


  1. the sonic series guns are the deploy,maverik,and nite finder and they are green not yellow

  2. i heard whistlers can get jammed in the gun. is this true?

    1. Wistler Darts Work as Good as Suction cups in all guns I have, although Clip system darts work best in the Maverick

  3. How do you realign it

  4. Dear Pocket. Esq,

    i heard whistlers can get jammed in the gun. is this true?

  5. I trimmed about 1/2 of an inch of the foam off of my whistlers and they fit perfectly. Your mileage may vary.

  6. Whistlers will only jam the gun if they're old or in crumby condition! I prefer using whistlers in my stock and modded mavs, nitefinder, modded sharpshot, honestly anything that doesn't only use streamlines (AT, recon, stampede). Test your guns! most likely the darts that jam a maverick are faulty darts!

    1. My Maverick with the posts removed works with Whistlers, not so sure about stock mavs. Whistlers are good, but in modded (posts removed) guns Streamlines usually great and even in unmodded gun Elite darts are the bomb. In my tests Elite darts worked better than every other dart type in every gun: