Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review: Nerf N-Strike Reflex IX1

Reflex IX-1. Size doesn't always matter:P
Eliminators are almost impossible to find these days, but what seems to have taken their place are these awesome babies, the Reflex IX1. I got mine in a Toys R Us 6pack, but they also come in two packs (with a tech target) and recently you can buy them individually as well in some places in the U.S. They are small and lightweight, pack a decent punch for their size and good to have on you as a secondary "boot" pistol.

The Reflex IX1 is a small, quite nuggety looking single shot piece. As with the Eliminators, there's not a whole lot to them other than cocking the top rear of the gun back, inserting a foam dart in the IX1's barrel and then pulling the trigger. The gun's aesthetics have definitely improved since the Eliminators, looking all that little bit more futuristic and coming in the traditional N-Strike colour schemes. They also have the Tactical Rail grooves on top of the gun that allow you to mount N-Strike accessories like scopes and pinpoint sights on them for aesthetic purposes.

What they didn't do unfortunately was to keep the hole in the grip of the gun to store a spare dart. Not a show stopper, but just something I noticed.

Although they're small, they're still sorta bulky and admittedly won't fit very well in your standard jeans/pants pocket, so you'll still need to holster them in a pouch. That being said, they fit very nicely in a desk drawer and are the type of blaster that ANYONE can use, with minimal complications which means an all out office war with people NOT in geeky environments (i.e I.T departments) is more likely:)

I haven't had these long enough to test their durability, although one straight out of the box tends to stick a little and misfire which is a shame. My pack of six was imported from the US and cost me 39.95US.

Usability: 8/10
Out of the box performance: 6.5/10
Cool factor: 7/10
Price point: 7/10


  1. Those things look pretty ineffective - not to mention that I wouldn't want anyone on my team to have one of those things instead of a larger (more powerful) blaster! However, your review of them is very interesting.

  2. As far as single shot blasters go, they're surprisingly quite powerful and in turn pretty accurate. My resident sharp shooter believes they sometimes even out perform the Nitefinder..

  3. 2 things I thought I should share:
    1) You CAN store a dart - you just have to thread it into theclip slot at the bottom of the handle
    2) You can now get single packs for $6 at local Targets

  4. P13c30fch33s3- nice one; though it's a lil clumsy rather than a made for purpose hole as with the eliminators. 6 bucks isn't bad though, they are the office war blaster of choice for casual use:)

  5. my friend in my apartment got it for 5 bucks... and he got dart tag a few weeks ago...and dart tag sucks (Indonesia ones)

  6. Got one for fun at target for au$5.50 its pretty good. I mpdded it and it can probably perform as good as a nitefinder on average. Also very easy to mod. And you can store one spare dart in the sling mount on the bottom of the grip. Bu i just put on dart holders on either side of the cocking mechanism.

  7. Just finished modding mine and it now has a 100% air seal. Wats amasing tho is i didnt even have to do anything complicated like adding a new barrel pr replacing the o-ring. It now out performs a nitefinder by far.

  8. i got one yesterday for $7 AUD it shoots further than a stampede, vulcan, maverick, nitefinder ect

    great gun i force everyone on my team to have one of these or a secret strike

  9. definitely a good gun to get out of a pinch with. super quick to reload, and super quick to cock and fire, decent accuracy and good distance too. plus i got my pair on sale for 2.50$ each (canadian dollars)

  10. They are pretty powerful they come in two differant colours yellow and blue

  11. One of these suckers set my longest Height and Distance record. They are indeed powerful.

  12. These little suckers can really pack a punch and I actually had people begging to use them (dual wield) rather than my many other blasters on my dorm floor. personally carry at least one with me as a side arm encase of jamming. They have saved me in HvZ many a times. highly recommended (defiantly for the price)