Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Preview: Nerf N-Strike new releases for 2010

Nerf has released four new N-Strike guns for 2010 that are enough to get any Nerf collector jumping up and down like a crazy man in excitement. The stealthy looking Spectre REV-5, tonka tuff looking Alpha Trooper CS-18, the bad-ass looking Barrel Break IX-2 and the all important flagship Stampede ECS.

Good news is most of them are already out in various parts of the world. Bad news.. not Australia:( I've got my networks in Hong Kong and the US onto it for me so here's hoping I'll still be able to pick 'em up..

Spectre REV-5 from this angle, he could almost fit his head in the barrel

Ok, first up- The Spectre REV-5 is like the sexy lil' love child of the Maverick and the Recon. It's supposed to look like a stealthy covert ops looking number, with a detachable silencer style barrel and a detachable foldable stock. It's got a revolving barrel like the Maverick, but can only take 5 foam darts as opposed to the Maverick's 6. This one is supposed to be a limited stock to Walmart in the US in October but is already available in Hong Kong. Goes for around $20 AUS (although if it ever comes to Australia it'll probably sell for around $250:P
Alpha Trooper CS-18. I have Nerf envy..

The Alpha Trooper CS-18 comes with its own 18 round ammunition drum and slam fire, with cues from both the Raider, but the gun itself looks a lot like the Recon and looks to be able to fit all attachments in stock, barrel and tactical rail add-ons. This one's a Target US exclusive but is also available in many of the Asian countries- HK, Singapore and Philippines. Think it's around $35 US?
Barrel Break IX-2. The kid looks the most calm with this one

The Barrel Break IX-2 is a very tough looking shotgun style gun that can shoot two darts at a time... although it looks like you can only load up two darts at a time. Supposed to be a US Toys R Us exclusive but available worldwide.. except here. #$@&!!
Stampede. Not Spartan. Nerf diehards smack u if u call it a Spartan..

Finally, the all important Stampede which is Nerf's 9-9-10 flagship blaster- fully automatic, battery powered beast that supports all clip system magazines and comes with cool attachments like a bipod and blast shield (a-la Army of Two. WHOO HOO!) This one is the MOST likely to come out in Australia given it's the big bad of 2010. Probably anywhere between 79-120 bucks AUS would be my guess.
Tactical vest. Wear it with nothing underneath. Arnie Style

Nerf also is releasing a Tactical vest which is compatible with all foam darts and clips, and new camo colouring foam darts. Australia release.. probably sometime in 2019. :P

Ahh.. the price we pay for living in such a lovely, far away country...


  1. The Alpha Trooper is not a barrel-extension gun, and its only $20 US

  2. how much the nerf spectre?

  3. i buy it it is 25,00

  4. How much is the alpha trooper in the philippines?