Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rant: Toy Guns- they're just that:)

The thing about toy guns is they're exactly that- toys. Not supposed to harm, not supposed to cause injury,and are all about make believe and pretend fun. Most people in the world don't actually have the experience or the will to fire off real guns, nor are they so inclined to do so. Guns kill. Nerf.. doesn't.

Soo.. while some toy guns might LOOK like some real life firearms, it's pretty much where the similarities end. There's quite a difference between the weight of a genuine machine gun and a the weight of a Nerf gun (and in turn, there's a signficant difference between being shot by a real bullet and an orange foam dart..). Regardless of whether it looks like a sub machine gun, a sniper rifle, a revolver or something out of a video game, it's still a toy gun, and probably can't be expected to perform like a genuine fire arm. Which is a good thing.

I always read a lot of comments from people who write like they're hardcore millitary types.. even though they're more likely to be awkward nerdy teenagers who couldn't do a push-up let alone an obstacle course. Pretending you're Rambo is fine, but getting all caught up in the fact that your Nerf gun doesn't have recoil or behave like a real machine gun is just unreasonable and...stupid.

From my experiences, the bigger and more complex the blaster, the crappier range. My single shot Nerf EX-3 shoots further and more accurately than my faux Longstrike sniper rifle But it doesn't mean I don't think the Longstrike still looks awesome, which is why I still love it. Is that realistic that a small handgun has more accuracy and distance than a sniper rifle? Course not, but remember.. it's because they're NOT a small handgun and sniper rifles. They're toy foam dart blasters. And when you're buying them, you kinda need to keep that in mind. They're about having fun.

I remember a foam dart war I had with some friends in the office when a guy took the game all a lil too seriously and after emptying their clips into a girl's lap, went on about how if this was a real gunfight he would have cut her in two. The girl took his Nerf gun from him and smashed him in the face with it, causing some serious blood nose action and cut his lip. Kinda what happens when you take things too far:)

At the end of the day, we're grown up dudes playing with toys; so enjoy the fun and chill a little!


  1. Thank you for this -- it's nice to see some people are able to enjoy toy weaponry, realize they're toys, and be mature about it. Sure, they were originally kid's things, but they're great for how you and I are using them -- indoor, close-quarters fun with no intent to harm.

    a Nerf assassin

  2. About friken time some one has figured this out!

  3. I went to a Nerf camp recently, and before the day even started a counsler said "bullets go through heads, darts bounce off" to point out we were using toy blasters.

  4. Let me get this straight. You had a Nerf fight in your office, a guy fired harmless foam darts into a girl's lap and then made an innocuous remark that "if this was a real gunfight he would have cut her in two". In response to this the girl then physically assaulted him by hitting him in the face with the nerf gun causing his nose and lip to bleed. It sounds to me like she was the one who took things too far.