Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pricewatch: Target Big Toy Sale 22nd July

Target's big toy sale of the year has some decent Nerf gear for fantastic prices. I've got most of the stuff already, but the big one for me is the first time I've seen the Rapidfire AS-20 so I ended up going in today and picking one up at $39.95 instead of waiting for the sale. Why? Because you crazy Nerf die hards always beat me to it on the day!!
A few weeks ago at Kmart's toy sale I actually arrived at 12:05 in the MORNING (we have a 24hr KMart close to me) and I STILL missed out on some of the gear I was eyeing off, because there were the typical cliche overweight and underweight Nerf Nerds to got to it first. I appreciate they're not doing anything wrong but it still frustrated me and so, this time around I decided I'd rather pay 9 bucks more and get a Rapid Fire, than to wait till the sale and miss out completely. Yay for disposable income!

ANYWAY- the prices-(assuming u can't read the scan)

Raider CS35- $39.00
Vulcan EBDF-25- $48
Rapidfire AS-20-$30
Dart Tag Set $30
Clear Maverick REV-6 $12
Longstrike CS6-$49
Longshot CS-6-$38

Oh..and a whole bunch of Buzz bee stuff too... if you're so inclined:P
Till stocks last- ie 9:03am:P

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