Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review: Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6

Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6. Size matters.
The Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 is the serious Nerfer's weapon of choice. It has been around for a few years and was considered to be the longest Nerf gun ever made before the newer (and performance-wise inferior) Longstrike came out. Although it is currently discontinued, it still sells in many toy stores Australia-wide (because we always get the old discontinued stock!) and it's considered a real find if you can get your hands on one.

Nerf Longshot packaging. 
The aesthetics of the Longshot are impressive. The first thing anyone says when they see it is "whoah that's huge". It's a bulky gun, and at full size looks like some epic sniper rifle. Take the secondary gun/barrel attachment off and it does somewhat resemble what is often referred to as a "pulse rifle" and ends up looking like something out of Aliens or Halo- two aspects of pop culture guys go absolutely gaga over:) It comes with a built in stand for when you're wanting to pretend you're a sniper:) Comes with tactical rails like all N-Strike guns for other optional N-Strike attachments. You can even extend the stock to be longer depending on personal choice; the stock also can store additional clips.
The Longshot is billed as a "2-in-one blaster" because it came with a secondary gun attachment/barrel that could be detached as a single shot pistol. Attached, this makes the gun HUGE and bulky. It looks tough, but it ends up being doorway fodder all too often. Also, to be honest, it kinda bites performance wise and after a while I'd be surprised if many people actually keep the barrel on the gun because it decreases the Longshot's shooting performance. As a single shot pistol, it also kinda sucks, so most people I know generally leave that puppy at home!

The Longshot uses a pin that sticks out of the side of the gun to prime- it's a simple cock back and forth and squeeze the trigger to fire a foam dart. The gun uses the magazine style clip with the streamline foam darts and is compatible with all clip rounds (including the 35 bullet drum from the Raider). Performance-wise it's pretty good and it uses what is known as a "direct plunger" system which out of the box means it does shoot further and with more accuracy than its reverse plunger brothers. Modders LOVE this gun; with tweaking the Longshot can increase its distances significantly.

Personally, while I think it's a great gun, it's not my favourite. It's big and bulky and doesn't feel nice for me to hold (I'd probably be the only one who says this though). I've watched many kids try to use the thing clumsily but it DOES appeal to their dads:) Any Nerf collection SHOULD have one and I'd recommend it- just not my personal gun of choice.

Cheapest I've seen these is $35 AUS which is a bargain- but I've seen stores have them up to 80 bucks which is excessive. Still, they're becoming increasingly rare so get 'em while you can. (I believe they only came out in the yellow/orange colour schemes in Australia, if you can get them in other colours, do it!)

Usability: 6/10
Out of the box performance: 8.5/10
Cool factor: 8/10
Price point: 7/10 (if you go with the 60 buck average mark)


  1. I got mine at a Wal mart in Canada for only twenty bucks... I swear to god my brain exploded with happiness as I saw that, I bought it right away! And I'm quite happy with this gun, fair range, good lucks and just a beast overall.

  2. Where in Canada? I've been looking all over Ottawa since I've started collecting them the past few months - for modding and movie prop purposes.

  3. I live in the US and I got mine for my birthday about a month after it came out in blue. I love it and even thought I have other things like the stampede I would use it. I've figured out how to get deadly accurate with it but that means leaving the single shot pistol on it. :( When I choose it most people are like dude, you chose "that". They regret that later. >:)

  4. I want it. My friend has it and it is incredible. I have the other 2 Nerf ultra-weapons (Vulcan and Stampede). This and the Barricade are all I need, and then if nothing good comes out I'll never buy another Nerf gun after that.

  5. the beauty of the longshot is how much better it can get with modding. Seriously this thing is a monster with as simple a mod as an AR removal + an extra spring.

  6. I may buy one from my friend cuz I can't find it in stores.I hav a longstrike and it looks cool but it is nowhere near better than the longshot.

    1. yeah my cousin has a blue one he obtain ed it from metrotown but he never uses it ;)
      getting it for my birthday on APR 1 st :3

  7. I am in Ottawa, I have a nerf longshot for sale: email

  8. BOO LONGSTRIKE, YAY LONGSHOT. That is all. ~Amiante, over and out.

  9. does any one know where to get a longshot in Edmonton because i have searched eBay and Kijiji and cant find on for under 300 bucks

  10. go to nerf mods and reviwes 20$ us last time i cheked

  11. im selling a yellow longshot with every attachment and darts for 25 bucks. ill send 6 streamline darts. message me if u wanna buy.

  12. i love the longshot its way better then the longstrike i have the yellow one i owuld like to get the blue one and the red one

  13. My Longstrike had a range of about 10 feet. I got rid of it. I have had a blue Longshot CS-6 since 2006 or 2007, and it still performs terrific. My neighbors got one and they always complaining about theirs because they have left it oustide sometimes and been rough on it.

  14. Pocket. will u sell me the red longshot i have a nice plane