Saturday, July 3, 2010

Review: Nerf N-Strike Nitefinder EX-3

Nitefinder EX-3. Office wars piece of choice.
The Nerf N-Strike Nitefinder EX-3 is Nerf's entry level foam dart gun and is featured in many office dart wars all over the world:) It is a single dart shooter, using a traditional pull back cock and fire mechanism like your old dart guns from when you were a wee-tacker. Here ends the similarities though, because the Nightfinder packs a real punch straight out of the box.

The Nitefinder comes with three "micro" foam sucker darts and requires you to load them manually, inserting your dart in the barrel of the gun. The gun comes with two holes underneath the barrel for you to store your other darts, but these holes are merely for storage and have no firing mechanism to them. Shooting is simply a matter of pulling back the tab at the back till it cocks in place and then firing using the trigger. *chok!* sucker dart goodness on your colleague's wall:)

It's called the Nitefinder because it comes with an inbuilt red light underneath the barrel that activates when you press down lightly on the trigger. To be honest, this is really as useful as tits on a bull.. but probably easier to explain; it's like a pretend laser sight. I don't know a whole lot of people who actually use this feature, but it's a cute thing to have.

The whole single dart thing is a lil' annoying, but probably isn't that much of a big deal in an office environment. If everyone's toting Nitefinders, it's fair and fun, but if anyone is packing heavier artillery, then the chances of being coated in orange foam dart goodness in a small confined space is very likely. What I like about it is the power of the gun and in turn accuracy- it hits it's mark and is quite satisfying to let a round off and watch it go exactly where you want it to (assuming you're any good at firing nerf guns!)

The Nitefinder comes with the Tactical Rail grooves on top of the gun so you can load it up with other N-Strike compatible accessories for.. the hell of it.

The Nitefinder EX-3 goes for anything between $10- $20 AUS. It's also the gun most toy and department stores will have left over after a big sale.

Usability: 7/10
Out of the box performance: 9/10
Cool factor: 6/10
Price point: 9/10


  1. actualy i find the laser quite usefull when firing at an effective range as the darts uasaly hit within about five inches of your taeget plus if your opanets hiding in a stairwell they wont come out if you aim the laser at the entry

  2. I put this review in my blod @

  3. you can also mod it so that it shoots a lot harder

  4. tagger darts get 60+ feet angled unmodded and i loled at "tits on a bull"

  5. u can stretch a couple of rubber bands over the rectangular bit that sticks up off the cocking mechanism and hook them underneath the barrel. it makes it harder to pull back but significantly increases the range. i imagine even pocket would be able to do this one:P

  6. Oh gee, Up to 20 dollars! thats insane, in america it dosen't even break 10, but I'm not sure If its the same money in Austrlia? hm