Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dart Tag Jersey: And we got an Orange one too.. in a large!

And it comes in Orange! Or..Gold. Or.. is it called Burnt Terracotta? :P
We managed to also pick up an Official Orange/Gold Dart Tag Jersey today; more importantly, it came in an adult size L. Ok, so it was a bit of a smallish adult size L, but it was definitely too big for the girlfriend to don.. (and she's not exactly keen for an encore performance..:P) sooo.. here it is on me:) Again.. there's not much to say about a jersey that hasn't already been said.. so just some pics of the garment in question..

For those of you offended by nice looking women, ta daaa! You get.. me.
 Ok. Sooo.. I'm not the easiest frame to fit, being officially.. 165cm, 87kilos, 117cm chest, 43cm neck, 87cm waist. Sooo.. surprisingly, it's not TOO bad a fit. If it came in XL, I'd probably get that.

from the back..one big velcro pad
Velcro pads on the back and front.

Three velcro pads on the chest and stomach

Ok so it's pretty tight and unaccommodating around the arms

I'd be assuming these will be available soon.. given the vests are no longer coming with the Dart Tag blasters.


  1. Dude you're a fucking unit. Won't be making fun of you in a hurry.

  2. yay! tuff man in jersey! and it comes in large!

    heh heh

    now i can shoot my brother.

  3. it's fantastic they're coming in adult sizes though. Be interesting to see how they're going to be packaged and marketed. I can't imagine seeing coat hangers hanging up in the Nerf aisle at Toys R Us!

    Looks good though. I prefer blue though:)

  4. I want to come to your place, you get all the cool toys.

  5. I like the blue too. I just.. don't fit it :P

  6. Looks like it'd go perfectly with that new Maverick you got.

  7. According to the dimensions you provided, providing I don't grow anymore, it should fit me fine. But i'm usually an M or S...Any reason for these being smaller than actual adult clothes?

  8. since you got the orange i guess you and your girl friend can engage in some dart tag war, lol