Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nerf box 'models'- they're growing up?

Billy + Johnny were the youngest models to ever have a 10 year contract..:P
After posting about the packaging of the new Dart Tag blasters yesterday, a friend of mine made the observation that the guys on the boxes are looking a fair bit older than they used to. It is true that the new lads on the upcoming 2011 Dart Tag blasters look like they're probably 17 or older, in contrast to their counterparts on the Hyperfire boxes a few years ago (where they looked closer to 13-14). 

You've got to wonder if this is saying something about Nerf redefining their target audience and realising it's no longer just the under 12's that want this stuff..

It isn't just with Dart Tag blasters; it's happening with N-Strike as well. Take a look at the original Recon CS-6 packaging with our sweet innocent kid:
Original Recon CS-6 packaging. aww lil' kiddie..
 Now, compare it to the updated box- the guy definitely looks older..
Current Recon CS-6 packaging. Older.. and more constipated
They're still for ages 8+ and they're still essentially toy blasters; also we're still not seeing grown up adults on the packaging (and..sad to say..probably never will!!) but it is an interesting (and in my opinion, obvious) marketing decision:)

The back of the new Dart Tag blaster boxes

Stampede dude.. 16 or so?

the jaw line and forearms suggest his voice has broken.. :P


  1. I know right, if you compare the older nerf commercials with the ones we have now, the people are significantly older. Remember the original nerf night finder/maverick ad, now look at the barricade's ad. like a 15 year difference.

  2. how do you find these blasters i've been looking all over!

  3. You won't find them in stores JUST yet, but give it a few months.

  4. This seems like a good place to post my idea considering this is about nerf "growing up." I posted this idea on a nerf facebook site as well under the discussion of gun ideas. Basically I had this idea that nerf needs to make a new line of guns. Not another N-strike blaster or dart tag gun. A totally new line. The guns they have now are just pathetic performance wise. That is why so many people mod them. My question is why should people have to mod them to get 60 + feet out of them? C'mon nerf stop being so scared. Hell you are supposed to wear eye protection anyway so whats a little more power gonna hurt? Nothing. these guns are marketed to 8+. This age group could handle more power in their guns or blasters. I don't know if these decisions are coming from Hasbro or Nerf, but whoever it is needs to grow a pair. All i am proposing is a few simple tweeks. Right now nerf seems more concerned about making a cool looking gun than a performing gun. Lets put a scope on the damn thing even though it only shoots 20 feet straight rendering the scope pointless. Why not cut the aesthetic crap out and focus time and money on making these things shoot 60 feet or more straight. Here are some simple tweaks. Lets make the body stronger. You make the body stronger (better plastic) and it can handle a better spring. But we need to also make the plunger system (which should always be direct not reverse) a lot stronger as the stiffer spring will cause greater strain on the parts. Lets also remove the air restrictors. There is no need for them. I have had people tell me it is to prevent wear on the barrel from the air which is just stupid. It is just a way for nerf to tone down the power to their exact specifications. And lets rework the darts. They are not bad now but with more power produced from the blaster, they need to be more rigid. The foam is not dense enough. They could also use less material by making the darts shorter. Even in a CQB more power would be better because of the improved accuracy. The price point would obviously be higher but Nerf would still make a lot of money from these. They would be great for modders too because instead of focusing time on performance they could focus more time on aesthetics and make the guns look badass. Think about it. A good looking gun that also shoots hard without a lot of work. That would be a nerfer's dream.

    1. That's a great idea... If you want the damned price to go up about ten to twenty dollars due to the extra material and time going into your proposed "Grown Up" Nerf gun. Personally, I like the fact that I can get a decent Nerf gun at Walmart for just 6 bucks. I don't want to pay 10-16 dollars for the same thing when I may not have the available funds for such, I mean after all, one of the reasons Nerf guns are so attractive is that they are cheaper and lighter than soft air or paintball guns, and what you suggest is to take both of those away. So let the molders continue to mod, adding better features for zero cost to manufacturer or consumer.