Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random: Amouron gear from Bandai.. WTF?

If Optimus Prime had kids..
So my search for blaster info from the HK Toy Fair came up with zip intel, but I did find THIS "innovative" new product from awesome crazy Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai. 

"Designed to be ultra-strong yet super light-weight, each set of Armouron armour comes with shiny little widgets called ‘snapperons’ which join the armour pieces together, so you can create your very own style of combat gear armour. You can also get your hands on accessory sets in three different metallic shades packed full of all kinds of cool bits and pieces to play with, swap or add to your Armouron suit"

There's no way this would fit ANYONE over 12.. but there's something about wanting to look like a Transformer that kinda appeals to me:P (I know it's not Nerf but come on..:P)

Amouron official site


  1. LOL WTF?

    Seriously they have cadets?

    But it looks fun but hard to belive it fits anyone who isnt like 8 years old or incredibly small

  2. Just did some reading on them, apparently they're based off a book series, with all the characters in it being from ages 12-15.

    There's no way it's fitting me :(

  3. :( kids always get the cool stuff.