Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Swarmfire + Quick 16 Packaging: first look

The Swarmfire Box. "Nerf's Newest Action Sport!"
Just goes to show we're not ALWAYS the first- if you want something, you can always find it without help:) We got some pretty decent intel (thanks AJ!) on the packaging for the upcoming Dart Tag blasters. Packaging means final release time so they should be on shelves REAL soon.. more importantly though, the boxes DO give away some stuff on what's in store..(ironic that I only JUST said "we don't know what the boxes look like" this morning)

Back of the Swarmfire box. What's that blaster the dude's holding?
Looks like there's a new single shot pistol in the horizon.. judging from the blaster the guy in the corner is holding. And.. ok so he looks better in the orange jersey than me.. come on.. he's a model. and..er.. drawn.:)
Ok they're ALL wearing jerseys now..
The name of the new blaster is too blurred out for me to see, but it looks like "something..shot":)

Now the front of the Quick 16 box:

Funky shades dude.
It's clear the eyewear will come in different colours- at least in white and orange:)

Thanks again AJ for the pics!


  1. i dont like any of these new blasters i want a internal clip fed automatic but anyway.

    i live in tasmania when do they come here?

    and if u come to tasmania i got a tasmanian dart taggers group sort of thing (we use n-strike blasters)

  2. Just as a guess here, but "slam-shot"..? I dunno, really hard on the eyes too :P

  3. One thing we noticed is the box of the Quick 16 makes no mention of a stock attachment; so perhaps it is just a casing for the plunger and nothing else?

    Shame really, it'd look sweet with a stock..

  4. did u see that? it says new dart tags darts "whistle as they fly". New whistlers :)

  5. what do you think the prices will be?

    I would gauge off of the Quick 16 that it would be around 20$ as it is almost the same as the AT in what it comes with, it has a built it clip (no 35 dart drum) that holds 16 (not 18 darts like AT) and has no stock like the AT.

    For the Swarmfire i would say 30$ because it is smaller than the vlucan and stampede as well as not having belts, clips or any accessories minus the stock and only comes with 20 darts.

    Based on those i would hope that the speedload 6 is 15$ or lower because is is basically a recon with built in clip without attachments, barrel and stock.

    What do you think?

  6. where can you get this and the quick 16 and speed load 6 in uk

  7. the new single pistols are the sharpshot and speedload 6