Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: Dart Tag Jersey- (pic spam)

Ready to rock, bichas! Dart Tag Jersey..size S:)
With the new Dart Tag blasters just around the corner (ok it could be a really BIG corner) there's quite firm intel to suggest these units will not be coming with the traditional vests and safety glasses. There's also a suggestion that the NDTL (Nerf Dart Tag League) shirts worn during tournaments might be commercially available.. mainly because we here at Urban Taggers ended up with one:) 

It was however a size S.. and that means none of us could fit it.. yay for girlfriends:) There's actually not a whole lot one can really say about a shirt.. so it'll be mostly pics:)

The Dart Tag Jersey
Three soft velcro pads are sewn into the front of the shirt; The jersey itself is made of quick dry athletic wear style polyester. Aesthetically it actually looks a lot like a motorcross jersey.
The velcro pads are VERY compatible with dart tag darts..
From the back
 There's the same type of soft velcro pad sewn in to the back; but rather than being three smaller pads, it's one large one.
Dart Tag over the shoulders
 The Dart Tag branding is all over the shirt. Which..makes sense:)

Even has its own tag!
Intel says they'll be coming in various sizes and in blue and yellow. Not sure about pricing or sizes, but if a size S does fit a 50kilo 160cm girl.. MAYBE an XL will fit a...much larger girl?:P I'm not even convinced they WILL be commercially available, but they ARE pretty cool.. so I'm all for it if they are:)


  1. Why wasn't she wearing an ironman mask?

  2. I'm 186cm and 87kg, guess size s will be like bikini on me… :(

  3. What? Is the model in the picture a girl? Must be the short hair and subtle chest. Sorry ;-)

  4. ^ dont worry Pocket,most dudes who play with nerf have bigger tits than your gf...or have never been around a hot chick anyway.

  5. having a girlfriend who'll fit into a size small jersey, and play Nerf?I reckon that's an awesome chick right there.

  6. Great news.
    Been after a few of these for a while now ;)

  7. do the darts stick to the parts of the shirt that arent velcro?

  8. Wow, that's cool. I find it really beautifull.

    Oh, yeah, the shirt too ;]

    (Shut up you faggots, a girl you can hug with one arm is the best kind of girl out there. Cute :] )

  9. What kind of scum bags have a crack at someone's girlfriend? Is it jealousy? Is it because the closest some of you get to another woman is when your Mommy tucks you in at night?

  10. What? She's your gf? I thought it was Greg...the mannequin. No offence......

  11. Wow.

    Unbelievable. I'm actually speechless.

  12. That's a big call, @Nerf Meagafan. Adding the "no offence" in there doesn't stop it from being insulting.

    Your comment just shows us all that you don't know the difference between a woman and a mannequin. Good luck with that...

  13. Holy crap. This post is for people to learn about upcoming Nerf products. Not for people to take a crack at a mans gf. Nerf, or GTFO. For sending hate mail, message me at my youtube account, clonebob1213. If 1 more person says anything about this mans gf on this thread again, I will assemble my nerf clan and raise hell on you. Pocket, use Greg next time. Have a friggen nice day.

    Great find Pocket. Great find. I am goin to buy 6 of them for my nerf clan.

  14. you must be one lucky guy to have a girlfriend like that

  15. Wow, you guys are just... i don't even know what to say.

    In other news, i will be buying a jersey, maybe 2, whenever they come out. That is, if they come out, cause i see it has a 2010 copyright date, i'm guessing we will see them this year. Wonder if i should wear one to school?

    Also, Pocket, do you think you will be getting a yellow jersey? Wonder how that one looks in comparison to the blue, and how much it matches with the Dart Tag blasters you have now.

  16. Yellow Black and Blue Black. On jerseys.

    Perhaps on blasters too? Would be cool, I think.

  17. Oooh, a blue and black speedload 6. That sounds cool!

  18. ok so these things actually look awesome. i never really got into the dart tag stuff yet but the new blasters and these jerseys might have just sold me.

    and ps. the girl is SO adorable

  19. I'm apologize for insulting your gf indirectly pocket. You are a good person who finds time and effort to keep us updated.

    And I swear that I did not do that on purpose.

    Once again, I'm sorry.

    this is for @malee_necromancer.
    She has short hair. Greg is a guy's name. And she was standing really still.
    Though I should have looked closer and see the manicured nails and the bracelets.

  20. I am the poster for the 3rd post. I wasn't meant to be nasty or insulting in my post, just barely expressed my surprise that the model is a girl and it's Pocket's gf. I was confused initially when Pocket said "if a size S does fit a 50kilo 160cm girl" as to why he referred to a girl of this physical aspect, then I got my surprise when malea_necromancer said "she wearing the ironman mask". I honestly thought the model is a teenage boy, maybe Pocket's friend or younger cousin. But kudo for her to agree posing as a model, she is game. In fact if Pocket does not want her as a gf, I'll have her :D

    Back to the topic of Dart Tag jersey, maybe bigger guys like us have to sew velcro to a T-shirt ourselves XD

  21. Geez guys, look at the ALL the pictures first, can you not see the 3rd picture?
    Learn the difference between a girl and a doll, though by your comments, you think they are the same thing....

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  23. actually most toy companies copyright their toys the year before production