Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dart Tag Swarmfire: Official Manual

Pages 1 + 2 of the official Swarmfire manual
When our bud Neil from the Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag Crew (Gawd someone come up with a better..or at least..shorter name! Clear Deploy up for grabs.. come on.. dowit!) picked up his own Swarmfire, he was presented with not just the blaster (like when I acquired mine) but also with the new dart tag darts and an actual official manual. Sooo.. in keeping with the whole "sharing is caring", he's shared it with me, and in turn, i share it with you all.

There's not much here that you wouldn't already know from our previous posts, but at least now.. it's from the official manual which gives it more cred. Especially those who are still doubtful on whether or not these blasters are actually Nerf. Retards.

Pages 3+4 of the official Swarmfire manual
 Very detailed instructions on how to attach..and detach a stock:) Truly informative:) You'll notice like with the Quick 16, it only comes with the blaster and darts. No vests or protective eye wear as with earlier Dart Tag blaster packs.
Pages 5+6 of the official Swarmfire manual.
You'd have to think these are officially just around the corner, shelfwise. Which is pretty cool:)


  1. Neil from the CSNSWDTC


    Or just the NSWDTC? Most of u should get what your on about.

  2. East australia dart tag crew
    Or E.A.D.T.C


  3. so it does look like the jerseys will be available to all from what the bottom corner says. hellz yea

  4. I need more info on these awesome blasters!!! Where can I get mine and when!!

  5. hey, check out that new eyewear on the bottom left corner of page 1.

  6. When is this supposed to come out?

  7. Eastern District tag Crew.
    EDTC or EDC