Monday, January 10, 2011

Non Nerf: Marshmallow Executive Elite Blaster

The Marshmallow Executive Elite Blaster. 
A bit of random diversity today- IF you were to go to our "About UT" page (that's the one next to "Home" at the top of the page under the title banner) you'd see we said our blog:

" dedicated to all things to do with toy blasters, be it foam, water, infra-red.. and maybe the odd spitball or marshmallow launcher" 

X-ploderz ALMOST counts as a spitball blaster:) Soo..that leaves the marshmallow blaster..and we decided it was high time to rectify this:) So look what arrived in the mail today: the primo mother of all marshmallow blasters.. say hello to.. the Marshmallow Fun Company Marshmallow Executive Elite blaster..

The Executive Elite in storage case. Looks cool;)
The Marshmallow Executive Elite Blaster is the top end piece from the aptly named "Marshmallow Fun Company". There are actually several blasters in their line, all equipped to send a soft squishy 'mallow up to a proposed 40 feet into the air using pump action air pressure. I'm not sure what would inspire someone to develop an entire blaster line to shoot marshmallows, but it's surprisingly quite fun:) 

Even comes with a foam insert to store your piece:)

This Elite model is essentially just called as such due to it's very swanky storage case and faux carbon fibre/chrome paint job,  but performance is pretty much the same as any of the other marshmallow blasters available.

It does look kinda cool. If you're gonna shoot candy, do it in style:)
Some of the other marshmallow blasters are as simple as a pull back and forth piston style mechanism to fire your ammo, but the Executive Elite uses air pressure AND a trigger to fire. 

Nothing says Elite more than faux carbon fibre:P
Quality of the blaster isn't fantastic and does feel a little cheap compared to, say a Nerf blaster, but it does have a weird novelty value to it and looks quite schmick. Loading is simple; the front grip slides forward and then to the side, revealing an opening where you can load your marshmallows. 

Fits up to 5 regular sized marshmallows..
The blaster takes one large marshmallow, or a whole bunch of tiny mini mallows if you're looking for a scatter type shot gun style blast. I at this stage have only tried it with Pascall white and raspberry flavoured marshmallows, but am keen to give the mini's a go real soon.  It definitely works better when it's all plugged up and relatively air tight in the barrel.The label does suggest you ONLY use marshmallows, but I have no doubt sooner or later curiosity is going to take over and we'll try other things:P

'mallows loaded and ready to rock!
Once your marshmallows are loaded it's a matter of pumping the stock at the back of the blaster. It suggests 10-15 times which I'd probably agree with (over pumping doesn't help). Once this is done, it's as simple as point and squeeze your trigger and watch the marshmallows fly! (5 mallows soaring through the air simultaneously.. you can't help but not laugh) It lets of a surprisingly load cracking/popping noise when you fire it which is kind of satisfying:)
The air pressure pump/stock. Shiny
Can you get 40 feet out of it? I'm personally NOT convinced; I'm probably averaging around 4-5 metres (which is around 13-15 feet) but apparently much has to do with my choice of marshmallow. It's still a single shot essentially and not that easy for rapid reloading so it definitely belongs in a short burst office war environment as opposed to it being any serious contender for outdoor foam replacement:) 

Look, the Executive Elite Marshmallow Blaster is a great executive toy and while it's quite amusing for a while, but it's  not really the goods for any long term play. It's also not exactly cheap- for prices of around 35-50 bucks US, you can really get toy projectile blasters that will be a WHOLE lot more fun. It's a novel concept, but I probably WOULDN'T actively recommend it. I do find it quirky though and so am glad I picked one up for cheap; if you can do the same and wanna try something a little left field, sure give it a go. 


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  2. I know this has nothing to do with this article, but can you do a seperate article showing off your army of two masks? that would be awesome! great review!

  3. This blaster can be modded into an Absolver-type shotgun, and can throw seven darts 60 feet or more.